Enabling useability, trust, risk, and security management of LLM models accessed via ChatGPT, such as GPT-3 and GPT-4, across an entire organization.

OpenAI and Microsoft’s introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022 was the spark that ignited the use of Generative AI in the public consciousness. As the pressure on organizations of all sizes to utilize ChatGPT and/or the ever-increasing number of competing technologies that are constantly evolving has increased exponentially, so have the reported risks associated with their use, which range from fabricated, inaccurate, and biased results to intellectual property and copyright risks.

Backplain has launched the first SaaS platform with Generative AI control to fully support useability, trust, risk, and security management of Large Language Models (LLM), such as GPT-3 and GPT-4 accessed through ChatGPT, across an entire enterprise. Backplain bridges the gap between application and model, enabling users to leverage game-changing Generative AI in a safe, secure, and productive manner. There is now an alternative to all or nothing. 

This includes the simple, rapid, and cost-efficient deployment of:

  • A central repository that aggregates all selected LLMs, enabling dynamic selection and comparison against the backdrop of what could be termed the “LLM Wars” and impending regulation.
  • Embedded prompt engineering to maximize the productivity of using Generative AI by assisting users in crafting the optimal prompt to elicit the optimal response at the lowest possible cost.
  • Security and compliance controls that ensure adherence to organizational policy via content filtering and screening, supported by monitoring and reporting to comprehend how Generative AI is being utilized within the organization.

IT management, responsible for the implementation and support of all aspects of tools such as ChatGPT and other LLM use across the organization, has fallen behind the Generative AI adoption trajectory and is perceived internally as a hindrance to business rather than a facilitator. In a world where access to the power of LLMs is as easy as clicking a browser tab, there is also the danger of ever-growing shadow AI. Backplain provides the necessary control for IT.

Engineers are already utilizing Generative AI for code generation, completion, refactoring, documentation, and debugging, according to CTOs. But with increased productivity and efficiency comes substantial potential risk – a lack of code quality assurance such that generated code may appear correct but contain bugs, security vulnerabilities where tools such as ChatGPT could be tricked into generating code that inadvertently exposes such vulnerabilities, and the accidental disclosure of sensitive company data. Backplain provides the necessary protection for development.

Marketers attempting to “supercharge” content generation and market research productivity must contend with misinformation, bias, plagiarism, source attribution, and transparency, all of which have the potential to harm brands. Not to mention claims of copyright infringement resulting from LLM exposure to training data containing copyrighted text. Backplain monitors and reports on response effectiveness.

CEO Tim O’Neal commented on the unveiling, stating, “Our unwavering commitment to protecting our clients’ interests has led us to this revolutionary product. We are confident that backplain will become an indispensable instrument for businesses worldwide, providing them with much-needed peace of mind in today’s digitally-driven, constantly-changing business environment.”

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