The funding will expedite the development and commercialization of Caden’s innovative AI data platform. Caden announced a $15 million Series A funding round led by Nava Ventures, with participation from, among others.

Caden has established itself as a leader in the swiftly evolving consumer data landscape, enabling end users and businesses to harness the full potential of ethically-sourced first-party data for actionable insights and strategic decisions. The most recent investment represents an important milestone for the company, allowing it to accelerate product development, enhance market activation, and expand its team of top-tier talent.

The company enables users to ultimately exercise control over their personal data and generate revenue from it. The Caden mobile application enables users to autonomously pull in data on what movies they watch, where they travel, what products they purchase, etc., and view entertaining and insightful analytics on their consumer profiles. They may then opt-in to monetize their data in a variety of methods that prioritize privacy, thereby generating a passive, secure income stream.

Caden began rolling out its mobile application at the beginning of this summer and almost immediately observed a significant uptick in the number of users. The fact that consumers have already shared billions of data points with the company and that hundreds of millions more are being provided everyday is evidence of the efficacy of data gathering that is user-centered and conducted in an ethical manner. In addition, subscribers have been compensated to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which has been delivered to them.

Caden AI, the first version of the company’s personal assistant, has the unique ability to automatically train on a user’s media consumption, purchases, travel, and other activities, making it the first genuinely personalized Generative AI.

Caden’s data set is made available to enterprises via the CadenOS intelligence platform, which enables customers in financial services, advertising technology, artificial intelligence, and other industries to access a one-of-a-kind “hyper-panel” of consumer behavior. Use cases involve aggregated analytics products for hedge funds, real-time event feeds for retail media, and foundational training models for artificial intelligence companies. CadenOS’s primary selling point, above and beyond the data’s power and dimensionality, is the data’s automated privacy compliance and provenance, as enterprises face increased scrutiny of consumer data practices.

John Roa, CEO and co-founder of Caden, exclaimed, “We are ecstatic to have secured this investment round, which validates our value and potential.” “With the support of our new and existing investors, we intend to transform the market for consumer data by building the most ethical, actionable, and valuable data intelligence company in the world.”

Nava Ventures, a seasoned investor well-known for its support of disruptive technology companies, expressed excitement about leading the round. “Caden has demonstrated remarkable momentum in collecting and activating ethical consumer data, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them on their ambitious mission,” according to Freddie Martignetti, a collaborator at Nava Ventures. They hope that this partnership will give individuals more power over their data and smooth the way for a fresh connection between individuals and enterprises.

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