Captello, a frontrunner in universal lead capture technology, reasserts its dedication to innovation in the face of substantial industry consolidations, including the establishment of Stova and the acquisition of iCapture and Jifflenow by Cvent. Captello continues to pursue ISO 27001 certification and advance its technology with a particular emphasis on data compliance and security, notwithstanding these modifications.

The introduction of an AI-driven lead capture solution establishes the organisation as a significant contender in the dynamic event technology industry, providing cutting-edge, dependable, and fortified solutions amidst a phase of heightened sector integration and consolidation.

The rapid evolution of the event technology landscape is exemplified by Cvent’s acquisitions of iCapture and Jifflenow last Friday. In the midst of this substantial consolidation period, Captello restates its dedication to being the market leader in universal lead acquisition through the implementation of innovative solutions.

Significant developments in the industry include the consolidation of three companies—MeetingPlay, Aventri, and eventcore—to form Stova; and the acquisition of Modus by Bigtincan, which inherited their lead capture solution. These consolidations, in conjunction with the acquisition of GTR by Personify, serve as evidence of an emerging tendency in the events industry towards increased integration.

The announcement on atEvent’s website regarding the discontinuation of their universal lead capture solution highlights the criticality of the market for dependable and cutting-edge lead capture technologies. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of this sector, Captello maintains its position as a steadfast and progressive supplier, adept at adjusting to and spearheading these developments.

“Captello is steadfast in its pursuit of autonomous innovation, notwithstanding significant consolidations such as Cvent’s acquisition of iCapture and Jifflenow,” stated Captello CEO Ryan Schefke. “Our organisation maintains an unwavering dedication to leading the way in universal lead capture technology while consistently delivering state-of-the-art solutions to the industry.”

The company Captello is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of compliance and security, in addition to being at the forefront of technological innovation. The organisation will have further strengthened its commitment to excellence in data security and administration by the time it acquires ISO 27001 certification by the second quarter of 2024. This certification will be in addition to the SOC 2 Type II accreditation that it now possesses.

An accomplishment that is particularly significant is the launch of Captello’s artificial intelligence-driven universal lead capture solution. This solution places the company as a leader and pioneer in the field of event technology. The fact that this is the case is especially significant when considering the significant changes that are taking place in the business, which are highlighted by the acquisitions made by Cvent and Bigtincan.

In summary, Captello’s steadfast dedication to advancements and superiority in lead capture technology solidifies its position as a significant participant in an industry that is undergoing consolidation. Amidst these transformations, organisations are actively pursuing sophisticated and dependable solutions. In this regard, Captello arises as the preferred option for its state-of-the-art, secure lead capture functionalities.

This press release presents accurate and current details regarding Captello’s market position subsequent to industry consolidations, such as the establishment of Stova and the acquisition of iCapture and Jifflenow by Cvent.

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