Hecht possesses extensive knowledge of digital marketing and eCommerce, in addition to cross-industry expertise in marketing, sales, and operations, and is a seasoned leader in the consumer engagement sector.

Leading consumer engagement platform Emplifi has appointed Ohad Hecht as its new chief executive officer. Hecht assumes the highest leadership role at Emplifi at a critical juncture, when the organisation is shifting from a “build-mode” to a “accelerated development phase.” In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Hecht will prioritise three fundamental objectives: establishing a culture that rewards excellence, innovation, teamwork, and enthusiasm; adopting a customer-centric approach that fundamentally revolves around customers; and, persistently developing an industry-leading, cutting-edge customer engagement solution that prioritises user-friendliness and timely delivery of value.

In recent years, Emplifi has successfully attained a number of noteworthy milestones. Four industry-leading martech platforms were acquired and incorporated into a unified, all-encompassing suite of consumer engagement solutions. The company rebranded and relaunched under the name Emplifi during its “build-mode” phase, transitioning from providing point solutions to a multi-cloud enterprise offering spanning North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Emplifi is well-positioned to transition rapidly into its subsequent phase of expansion, owing to Hecht’s incessant emphasis on culture, product, customer retention, and pipeline expansion.

Hecht stated, “During the past four years, Emplifi has undergone a remarkable voyage, achieving the nearly impossible feat of optimising its structure and fortifying its foundation as a sustainable, high-growth business amidst an exceptionally turbulent economic climate.” Emplifi is revolutionising the manner in which brands establish connections with contemporary consumers amidst the ever-evolving digital environment – by undertaking audacious measures to integrate marketing, commerce, and care.

“Emplifi has contributed to a British Red Cross initiative that has substantially increased our interaction with supporters across all main social media platforms.” This has assisted the organisation in raising millions of pounds for individuals in crisis throughout the United Kingdom and the globe. The British Red Cross’s social media manager, Alice Buckle, remarked, “We look forward to collaborating with the Emplifi team again in 2024, as they were indispensable to our success.”

Before assuming the highest leadership position at Emplifi, Hecht was the co-founder and CEO of Prodport, an eCommerce personalisation solution that facilitates the creation of customised product pages. Hecht, who oversaw Prodport, also held the positions of COO and CEO of Emarsys, a SaaS platform for omnichannel customer engagement with thirteen global offices, 850 employees, and over 4,000 clients. Under his direction, Emarsys developed innovative technological solutions that resulted in SAP’s acquisition of the company in 2020.

Ohad is the ideal leader at this juncture in Emplifi’s development as the preeminent consumer engagement solution for global brands. As stated by Iveshu Bhatia, Managing Director of Audax Group, Emplifi requires nothing but a smooth transition from build-mode to growth-mode, thanks to his wealth of experience leading teams across three continents and fostering inclusive workforce cultures that attract top talent from around the globe.

Hecht assumed the role of CEO of Emplifi on January 1, 2024. Hecht, who holds an M.B.A. from Northern Iowa University and a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Marketing from The Open University of Israel, has extensive professional experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Israel, Europe, and North America.

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