CubeOasis, the first AR to Earn (A2E) virtual world platform, is pleased to announce the release of their new work-and-play metaverse space. CubeOasis provides an exceptional avenue for businesses to explore uncharted digital territories and seize new opportunities by combining the dynamic capabilities of Web3 with innovative offerings to empower them. It does so against the backdrop of a constantly evolving technological landscape.

CubeOasis introduces a revolutionary paradigm shift for businesses, propelling them into a domain where 3D Virtual Space Display is the focal point. This revolutionary feature enables businesses to create captivating visual narratives for their products and services within a virtual environment. The platform’s Personalized Management facet enables businesses to mold exclusive exhibits that replicate their distinct brand identities, ushering in a new era of limitless creativity.

CubeOasis is the answer to a long-standing market demand, facilitating enterprises’ transition into the Web3 era. Existing solutions have struggled to integrate seamlessly the virtual and corporeal worlds. CubeOasis emerges as the definitive solution, forging connections and fostering business growth in this uncharted digital frontier by establishing an interconnected ecosystem.

CubeOasis has a unique value proposition that redefines how businesses interact with consumers and partners at its core. CubeOasis empowers businesses to realize their full potential by fostering growth, innovation, and profitability in a domain that transcends convention.

CubeOasis is more than a simple platform; it is a robust ecosystem of opportunities. The introduction of NFT and RWA Transactions ushers in novel trading modes that preserve the exclusivity and value of virtual blocks, attracting investors and collectors. The platform promotes Community Interaction and Creation within its virtual sanctuary, where users can engage in unrestricted events, collaborations, and creative endeavors.

An Innovative Business Model

CubeOasis thrives on a dynamic, user-centric business model, fostering unprecedented growth opportunities:

  • Transaction Fees

Nominal charges for virtual block transactions generate dependable revenue, guaranteeing the sustainability of the platform.

By providing access to creation tools and digital assets for sale, CubeOasis enhances the creation and display of virtual blocks.

  • Virtual Space Rentals

The platform enables the licensing of display areas within its virtual landscape for personal or commercial use, thereby introducing new revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Virtual Events and Competitions

CubeOasis engages users with virtual events and competitions, generating revenue from sponsorship and participation fees.

CubeOasis, already a trailblazer, has completed its initial build and now awaits businesses to embark on their exploratory voyage. Original users have rigorously tested and validated the platform’s capabilities, paving the way for future milestones. CubeOasis’ meticulously constructed road map plots a course toward a future in which it redefines the digital business environment.

Developing Collaborative Partnerships

Collaboration is at the heart of CubeOasis, as evidenced by its strategic alliances with industry titans, including illustrious names like Huawei. The partnership with Metasurge, an esteemed web3 agency, strengthens CubeOasis’s position as an industry leader.

Extending further, the project’s network includes influential partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), which collectively shape the future of digital business.

Embrace the Future with CubeOasis

CubeOasis is not simply a platform; it represents an evolution. It embodies innovation, comprehensive interactions, and an unrestricted business landscape. CubeOasis serves as a bridge between contemporary enterprises and the future of enterprise, where success can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. CubeOasis is the starting point of this voyage.

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