IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the top provider of influencer marketing technology, analytics, and services to the world’s leading brands and agencies, has announced the availability of Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex, its all-encompassing influencer marketing platform. This development comes on the heels of IZEA’s expansion of its global footprint. Marketers who use IZEA Flex have the ability, thanks to Dynamic Content Requests, to solicit content contributions not only from the paid influencers with whom they cooperate but also from the content creators who post content about their brand organically. The new functionality improves IZEA Flex’s already frictionless creator experience, which in turn makes it easier for marketers and creators to work together.

  • Paid content assemblage

Marketers can invite paid content creators to submit content via email invitation or custom shortlinks that can be distributed through social media direct messages or other channels. The system prompts influencers to submit their content and automatically associates it with the corresponding Flex campaign, handle, and contact record.

  • Natural content licenses

Marketers can publish a content request on their website or social feed to solicit organic content from a larger audience. Submissions through the system grant marketers a usage license, allowing them to republish the content on their own social media accounts as long as they attribute the creator. Those who submit content in response to a request for organic content automatically become Flex contacts, establishing a direct relationship with the brand for sponsorship opportunities in the future.

Dynamic content requests facilitate the collection of content for both marketers and creators without requiring creators to register for the platform. Text, images, and videos can be submitted through the system via URL or manual upload, with support for these file types.

  • Superior source materials

In addition to live, published content, Dynamic Content Requests support the accumulation and submission of original, high-quality photographs, videos, and other production assets. These assets enable marketers to utilize influencer-generated content in a variety of ways, including paid social media advertisements and print marketing collateral.

  • Automatic measuring and evaluation

Once paid or organic content has been submitted in Flex, its engagement is actively measured. Marketers can associate the content with other Flex modules for advanced monitoring and analysis of campaign performance.

“At IZEA, we recognize the value of both paid and unpaid content,” stated Ted Murphy, IZEA’s founder and chief executive officer. “With IZEA Flex’s new Dynamic Content Requests, we’re going to make it easier than ever for marketers to harness this potential by streamlining the process of accumulating, measuring, and licensing content.” Not only are we streamlining the process, but we are also improving it by providing high-quality raw materials and automated measurement and analysis. It combines the best of both realms on a single, dynamic platform.”

IZEA Flex delivers a comprehensive array of tools to enhance influencer marketing initiatives, responding to the requirements of businesses and agencies of all sizes. Other capabilities of IZEA Flex include AI influencer campaign briefs and storyboarding, social listening, performance tracking, contract administration, and creator compensation.

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