Wunderkind, the industry-leading solution for cross-channel performance marketing, has come out with a text generation tool for on-demand text campaigns called WunderkindAI. With the recent addition of this functionality to Wunderkind’s current Text offering, businesses are now able to harness the power of artificial intelligence and generate copy for on-demand text messages with the touch of a button. This results in a reduction in the amount of time required to construct and manage campaigns.

With it, marketers have the additional option for the AI technology to develop draft content of their text campaigns and communications for them to examine. There is no limit to the number of times users can ask the AI to regenerate the proposed text until they are pleased, and users of course have the option to modify and finalize manually as well. There is no limit to the number of times users can ask the AI to regenerate the suggested text until they are satisfied.

WunderkindAI provides support for a wide variety of user prompts, including preferred brand voice and tone, duration, brand name requirements, the sequence in which they wish to present the information, and even the language utilized (currently, French and English are the only options).

Customers of Wunderkind who utilize WunderkindAI can communicate a variety of things, including sales, new items, holiday promotions, product education, partnerships, unique deals, and more. All messages are drafted in advance and are easily available to be scheduled with WunderkindAI, which enables both one-time messages and recurrent messages or series.

The WunderkindAI tool provides companies with a starting point from which they can launch their text marketing campaigns. Every step of the way, marketing teams have the ability to modify, enhance, and further personalize any of the AI-generated content that is supplied.

“Whether it is writer’s block, time constraints, or difficulty managing the complexities of multiple campaign messages, marketers tasked with crafting engaging on-demand text messaging content face an increasing number of obstacles,” says Wunderkind VP of Product John Bates. “Brands can increase operational efficiencies with WunderkindAI’s large-scale text messaging development, which reduces hours to seconds while maintaining the same level of personalization, tone, and strategic focus.”

Following this initial release, Wunderkind intends to widen the WunderkindAI capabilities in the coming months to support MMS messaging, additional multi-language support, and conversational replies to text-based customer service requests, with the ultimate objective of providing a comprehensive AI operational efficiency instrument.

Regarding Wunderkind The foremost digital marketing platform Wunderkind provides performance marketing and advertising solutions for brands, publishers, and advertisers.

Wunderkind’s performance marketing solutions enable brands and retailers to scale their marketing channels without relying on third-party cookies by leveraging a proprietary identity management technology that is purpose-built for web, email, and text. By expertly customizing, automating, and scaling brand-centric, one-to-one experiences, Wunderkind facilitates the acquisition of new consumers at scale and the maintenance of their lifetime loyalty. Wunderkind, unlike any other corporation, guarantees revenue performance.

Wunderkind’s advertising product (WunderKIND Ads) provides an unmatched, user-centric advertising experience across a curated roster of top-tier publishers. Once a user disengages, high-impact advertisements are delivered in a non-intrusive and considerate manner, resulting in happier users and higher returns for both advertisers and publishers.

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