InMobi, a leading provider of content, monetization, and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth, has introduced a new platform called InMobi Addressability Gradient. This platform is designed to support marketers throughout the transition from identity-centric targeting to new solutions that have limited consumer identity signals. InMobi is a leading provider of content, monetization, and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth. This revolutionary tool that is powered by AI represents a big step forward in the effort to overcome the issues that are presented by the constantly shifting landscape of digital advertising.

The Gradient facilitates advertisers’ navigation of the evolving complexities of data privacy, user consent, and personalized targeting. Powered by InMobi’s ID Graph, the Gradient offers advertisers an adaptable playbook and visual roadmap for addressability, with a broad spectrum of options that seamlessly correlate with evolving consumer behaviors. ID Graph is fueled by a portfolio of consented programmatic ecosystem inputs and graph partners that align well with marketer systems and first-party data to facilitate activation, bid augmentation, and measurement across mobile apps, mobile web, and connected TV.

“By adopting Gradient, advertisers can continue to provide consumers with pertinent, effective, and privacy-conscious advertising experiences,” says Todd Rose, Senior Vice President of Addressability at InMobi. It enables them to optimize their campaigns, achieve unmatched precision, and unleash the full potential of addressability in the ever-changing digital advertising landscape.

From precise ID-based targeting to privacy-conscious ID-less approaches, the Gradient enables advertisers to personalize content while protecting user data and content. Including innovative privacy-compliant techniques such as cohort audiences, modeled audiences, contextual targeting, and bidstream amplification, in addition to personalized 1:1 targeting and household amplification. The Gradient is a versatile arsenal that provides essential tools for advertisers to customize their strategies for each campaign.

The Gradient also improves campaigns by incorporating multiple identifiers, such as mobile advertising identifiers (MAIDs) and interoperability with people-based identifiers, such as LiveRamp’s RampIDTM. Using the ID Graph, this bid augmentation strategy guarantees precise targeting, which is enhanced by the ID Graph’s connections between users with similar interests. For ID-less solutions, InMobi employs SDK and contextual signals without compromising consumer privacy.

In the past few years, advertisers have been confronted with a variety of issues relating to identity and signal loss.

Privacy regulations: stricter regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) require explicit user consent for data acquisition, giving users greater control over their data. As a result, signal loss occurs as some users choose not to share data.

Users are increasingly concerned about their privacy, resulting in an increase in opt-outs from monitoring and personalized advertisements. This restricts the access of advertisers to vital data.

Very limited traditional targeting: Changes in browser policies, such as Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies, impede traditional monitoring methods, thereby affecting the accuracy of audience targeting.

Future-focused addressable solutions from InMobi enable advertisers to deliver targeted, personalized advertising across any connected device in a manner that is compliant with privacy regulations and brand-safe. This enables marketers to strike a balance between granularity and scale and to employ multifaceted approaches to addressability challenges and outcomes that respect user privacy and keep up with changing consumer preferences and behaviors.

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