PT Link Net Tbk, which operates as First Media and is one of the leading providers of fixed broadband internet and cable television in Indonesia, has formed a partnership with Qwilt and Cisco to implement their Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution. This will improve the quality of Link Net’s streaming applications as well as the capacity with which they can deliver them to more than 3 million homes in Indonesia. The deployment not only integrates Link Net into the content delivery value chain but also makes it possible for content providers all over the region to distribute their work at the level of quality they had envisioned.

Link Net will integrate Qwilt’s Open Caching-based architecture thoroughly into its network edge, supporting increased data volumes across its network and significantly enhancing subscribers’ streaming experiences. The partnership enables Link Net to improve its content delivery infrastructure and offers an open API (Application Programming Interface) to content publishers who wish to guarantee the highest quality delivery of their content. The deployment will initially reach 27 locations in Indonesia, signifying continued momentum as Qwilt and Cisco collaborate with service providers to build the world’s largest federated CDN, which will benefit content publishers, service providers, and consumers worldwide.

Marlo Budiman, President Director and Chief Executive Officer of PT Link Net Tbk, stated, “Our partnership with Qwilt and Cisco enables us to execute on our top priority of providing an exceptional customer experience. Deploying Qwilt’s Open Edge solution accelerates our plan to establish an open network that will benefit our Indonesian customers. Several content publishers, including OTT streaming platforms such as CATCHPLAY+, CinemaWorld On Demand, HBO GO, Lionsgate Play, MOLA, Viu, and Vision+, are already our partners. Through the use of our CDN solution, we will continue to cultivate and expand these alliances. By partnering with content publishers, we can help meet the increasing demand for live streaming, video-on-demand, and application services and guarantee a consistently superior experience.”

According to Theodore Tzevelekis, vice president of Cisco Networking, together with Qwilt and Link Net, They are delivering an innovative platform that will satisfy the demand for high-quality streaming experiences and serve as the basis for additional edge computing use cases. Whether it’s today’s streaming content or tomorrow’s transformative use cases, we are committed to facilitating exceptional digital experiences for each and every Link Net customer.

Alon Maor, CEO and Co-Founder of Qwilt mentioned that they are thrilled to have Link Net join their global federation of service providers by deploying their Open Edge solution. By leveraging the power of Open Caching, Link Net is facilitating the next generation of content experiences across Indonesia, assuming an active role in the content delivery value chain and expanding content delivery monetization opportunities. He added that this deployment brings them one step closer to their objective of building the world’s highest-performing edge delivery network.

Today, more than 150 service providers have worked with Qwilt to enable the open edge in their networks. As a result, Qwilt is able to provide service to over one billion individual subscribers all over the world. 

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