Leading provider of publisher audience monetization solutions reinvents legacy data management platform (DMP) technology by discovering the value of publisher first-party audience information with smarter audience cohort tools and data-driven machine-learning intelligence to meet the evolving needs of top publishers.
ArcSpan CEO and Co-founder, Arthur Muldoon mentioned that AMS has been built based on the input from a variety of publishers. The publishers informed them that the current DMP and CDP technologies do not meet their monetisation requirements for direct-sold and programmatic agreements. Publishers are frustrated by the fact that their ad tech procedures frequently leave up to 70% of their audiences unaddressed to support buyer demand. 

ArcSpan AMS offers audience addressability and monetization options to meet the evolving needs of comScore 3,000 and Retail Media Network. ArcSpan’s next-generation technology offers a number of significant advantages that enable publisher revenue executives to align with advertisers and win more RFPs. 

These consist of:

Robust, real-time audience data processing

Customers’ first party data, ArcSpan’s custom audience attention metrics, syndicated consumer and demographic data attributes, and other cross-channel data inputs are ingested by ArcSpan’s sophisticated data processor to generate robust, dynamic audience data sets.

A data intelligence platform with intuitive, potent audience building and machine learning capabilities.

ArcSpan’s streamlined contextual and behavioral audience cohort building tools suite and ten or more machine learning data models enable automated and customized audiences at scale on a unified platform.

Revenue-driven direct sold and programmatic deal outcomes

ArcSpan’s platform transacts customized and automated cross-channel audiences via integrated SSPs / DSPs supporting direct sold and programmatic deals and efficient demand source alignment.

Cost-effective, flexible 1P DMP rate plans

ArcSpan seeks to provide a positive ROI for publishers of any size; fees are structured with a low monthly base fee and a simple usage fee.

The ArcSpan AMS customer platform was designed specifically for publishers’ revenue operations teams to organize, construct, administer, and transact audience deals via a highly intuitive and well-thought-out interface.

The AMS platform focuses on four critical success factors for audience monetization:


Contextual and Behavioral Audience Builder: Create and manage contextual and behavioral audience segments created manually or automatically. The intuitive data menu of ArcSpan contains hundreds of data dimensions across eight fundamental data categories.


Modeled Audiences: AMS is the first DMP to offer cutting-edge information on audience modeling as an adaptable, custom element, optimizing each audience based on ten or more machine learning (ML) models integrating publisher first party data in addition to integrated syndicated and customer-generated data. This facilitates a predictive similarity score threshold that balances scale and accuracy.


Buyer Transactions: Robust data monetization “push features” to transact in selected SSP/DSP or direct deal environments in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.


Insights and Optimization: Using advanced data analytics and insights, publishers can make more informed decisions regarding the measurement and generation of revenue.

Publishers are at a revenue crossroads as a result of the transition to first-party data, which presents an opportunity. ArcSpan is delighted to introduce a solution designed to help publishers meet current challenges and position themselves for future success. 

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