Many times, salespeople who contact clients through phone calls experience difficulties. When they call a prospect and have a long conversation with them, they may discover that the prospect is not an ideal customer profile. So, what is the reason behind this mess?

This is the result of data inconsistencies and loopholes. Sometimes, just because of data errors, the sales team wastes energy and time. As a result, they are unable to reach the ideal customer on time. It takes a long time to nail each number, and getting little in return discourages the teams.

Salespeople like it when the calling procedure is fun and exciting, with many numbers and dials of ideal customers. So, what do we make of all of this? As a result, data must be perfect and constant with pinpoint accuracy. All this is about data enrichment.

Where are the Loopholes?

A database transaction is based on the ACID concept, in which each letter symbolizes one of its properties- Atomic, Consistency, Isolation and Durability.

ACID is a set of guidelines for ensuring that data transactions are performed consistently. Any process conducted within a database, such as establishing a new entry or modifying data, is referred to as a database transaction.

An atomic transaction assures that any push you make correctly completes the entire system. Consistency assures that if a database enters an illegal state, the operation will be stopped and the modifications will be reversed to their former, legal condition.

Isolated transactions are referred to as “serializable,” which means that they occur in a sequential manner with no other transactions taking place at the same time. Durability is the final one, it assures that modifications to the database that have been effectively committed will be preserved indefinitely, even if the system fails.

Basically, data is created through the following steps-

·         Either they are manually created and researched by the sales team and representative.

·         Or is generated from a website through lead generation technique.

·         Else are taken from third party collaborators or sources.

Changes and refining of the data are usually required from time to time. If your data is 100 percent accurate and consistent, it may need to be reviewed. This is owing to the fact that things alter in a couple of moments. It’s possible that the individual with whom you’re in contact relocates to another country within a few days. Or a person who is employed by a corporation changes jobs as your customer. So, your database needs to be updated within time to time.

We now have a good knowledge of data quality challenges, including how inconsistency and imperfection are two distinct problems that require various approaches. Enriching data is a comprehensive concept that encompasses various methods for improving quality of the data, including adding data and performing regular updates.


Only when all data is complete and error-free can the sales teams and organization’s objectives be met. To achieve completeness, this technique entails inserting missing information elements. Enrichment will quickly determine data for all empty fields such as contact number, title, and more if an SDR creates a record with simply Name and Email Address. Because salespeople don’t have to waste time looking up contacts and business information, they can approach more clients and have more conversations.

This function is typically used by marketers to reduce the length of online form on websites and boost the number of form submissions. Rather than having too many fields that visitors will avoid filling out, marketers should only ask for the most basic information, such as an email address and phone number, and then use the backend to connect the dots.

Updating Data Frequently

Change is the law of nature; you never know when a customer’s information will change over time. As a result, frequent updates aim to eliminate discrepancies in the database by checking existing data on a regular basis.

If a prospect’s detail, title, or contact information changes, enrichment discovers the most up-to-date information and updates the database records. This amount of double-checking is difficult for a staff member to achieve, but it is one of the primary advantages of using a data source.

One of the most important aspects of developing a strong sales and marketing process is to enrich inconsistent and obsolete data. Sales and marketing teams may be more creative, draw a larger net, and become more successful in their efforts with smaller loopholes and high data reliability.

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