PubMatic, an autonomous technology firm that facilitates the future supply chain of digital advertising, has made the following announcement: Senior Vice President of Advertiser Solutions Robin Steinberg, previously serving as Vice President of Advertiser Solutions, will now oversee agency demand and CTV publisher partnerships.

Since September 2022, when Steinberg joined PubMatic, the company has been developing its main relationships with large agencies. Additionally, she has formulated inventive marketplace strategies that facilitate the connection between vendors and buyers, which have played a pivotal role in the expansion of PubMatic’s revenue and establishment of its brand.

Under her guidance, the organisation successfully finalised ten supply path optimisation (SPO) transactions throughout the United States in 2023, increasing the SPO portion of overall activity on the PubMatic platform to more than 45 percent by year’s end. Furthermore, Steinberg played a pivotal role in the establishment of Activate, an end-to-end SPO solution developed by PubMatic, in 2023.

Steinberg has been given the responsibility of providing direct supervision of the agency team in North America as part of her new role. Additionally, she is responsible for providing ongoing support to the company’s expanding connected TV (CTV) publisher connections. Finally, she is responsible for ensuring that PubMatic is the most important connection point between the agencies and the publishers. PubMatic ended the year 2023 with a customer base that included over 270 streaming content providers, representing a year-over-year gain of 27% in its CTV publisher clientele over 2022. By bringing buyers and publishers closer together, Steinberg will be able to contribute to the improvement of CTV performance across programmatic guaranteed (PG) and private marketplaces (PMP) transactions.

“I couldn’t be more delighted to support our customers, partners, and the whole ecosystem as the advertising business continues to develop and evolve,” said Steinberg. “In this dynamic marketplace, I couldn’t be more thrilled to support our partnerships and our clients.” Through the year 2024, PubMatic will continue to be at the forefront of the transformation of the programmatic supply chain, particularly in high-growth areas such as retail media and programming television.

Before joining PubMatic, Steinberg worked at Connatix, a firm that specialises in video technology, taking on the role of Head of Agency and Client collaborations. In this role, she was responsible for managing commercial negotiations, relationships, and collaborations with agency holding companies.

In addition, she worked for more than twenty years in the agency sector, where she was responsible for constructing, managing, and reforming publishing investment teams at MediaVest and Carat. She also evolved business procedures to facilitate a digital-first and innovative approach to enterprise leadership.

In her new position, Steinberg will continue to report to Kyle Dozeman, who is the Chief Revenue Officer for the Americas operations of PubMatic.

“I am thrilled to see Robin in this higher role,” said Dozeman. “Robin has had a huge impact on the company, and I am delighted to see her in this role.” PubMatic has developed into a significant link point between our buy side clients and CTV publisher partners as a result of her leadership.

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