Palette is a user-friendly design platform that was launched by BrandMuscle. It ensures that industry sectors that are subject to severe laws are able to engage in marketing that is compliant.

BrandMuscle has announced that it would be entering the market for self-service design with the launch of the Palette product. The introduction of AI-enhanced features, intuitive controls, and pre-designed templates are some of the ways in which this cutting-edge graphic design platform makes the process of producing both print and digital assets more straightforward.

Palette separates itself from other self-service design platforms by doing comprehensive conformance tests that assure the market-readiness of all artwork and messaging. These checks are carried out in contrast to other platforms that offer self-service design. Palette was established with the specific intention of catering to distributors and beverage-alcohol brands that, in the course of their field marketing, come across complex regulatory and brand compliance criteria. In sectors where laws are very rigorous, designs that are compatible are not only desirable; they are absolutely necessary.

Palette makes it possible for representatives to develop assets that are legally acceptable and on-brand in a matter of minutes by utilising pre-approved media, fonts, colours, and text styles that are in accordance with the standards of the brand. After that, an automated compliance check is carried out on these materials. By utilising artificial intelligence, this evaluation detects instances of trademark and copyright infringement, adherence to state regulations, and compliance with Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) standards.

Additional noteworthy Palette attributes encompass:

Design versatility: Create print-ready files or optimise artwork for digital channels using AI-supported templates.

Simplicity-free compliance: By implementing an array of compliance safeguards and automated compliance checks, the possibility of oversight falls significantly diminished.

The user interface of Palette is designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated, allowing individuals to effortlessly produce visually appealing designs without requiring any prior expertise.

Palette’s AI technology enables the generation of text in accordance with the appropriate brand voice and the creation of AI-generated artwork in a matter of seconds.

It is important to note that beverage firms face a huge risk from rogue assets. According to Robert Olivares, Executive Vice President of Bev-Alc at BrandMuscle, “Representatives regularly develop marketing materials utilising third-party design tools without knowing that these assets contravene brand or legal restrictions.” As a consequence, we devised Palette, a solution that prioritises conformity while streamlining the design process.

Representatives have been forced to choose between complying with rules and having sufficient time to promote their products while they are developing marketing materials for far too long. This has been the case for a significant amount of time.James Morse, senior vice president of product management at BrandMuscle, claims that Palette makes use of artificial intelligence to expedite the process of asset production and ensures that it is in full compliance at all times. Morse also claims that Palette is able to guarantee that it is always in full compliance.

For the time being, Palette will be made available to clients who are purchasing alcoholic beverages under conditions that are rigorously regulated.

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