The goal of the integration is to combine creative concepts that are not only excellent and compliant but also aesthetically beautiful and fascinating, as well as scalable and customised.

Orbee Inc., a market leader in automotive customer experience middleware, is happy to announce the integration of its systems with Anaphora, a business that is well-known for the development of unique asset design and user-friendly engagement solutions. It is hoped that this integration will provide dealerships with new chances to activate rich email generation that is consistent with their brand and is coupled with the customisation capabilities of Orbee.

The critical component of this integration is the smooth combination of Orbee’s sophisticated email marketing automation and CDP integration with Anaphora’s design tools for content generation.

This integration is the essence of this integration. Because of its expertise in developing design assets that are in accordance with the stringent standards of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Audi, Volkswagen, Scania, and Bentley, Anaphora guarantees that the materials used for email marketing will not only connect with the target audience but will also fulfil the stringent requirements of these companies.

The capabilities of Anaphora’s creative platform are supplemented by a number of features, including the personalisation datasets that are obtained from Orbee’s CDP capabilities, audience segmentation to guarantee that the relevant template is provided to the appropriate consumer, and email campaign management and delivery engine.

Through the utilisation of the first-party data that dealerships currently possess and in conjunction with CDP merge marks, emails are able to directly address the recipient. Through the utilisation of Orbee’s advanced segmentation functionalities, the integration makes it easier to distribute content for email marketing to audience lists that are precisely targeted.

The capability of Orbee to resolve identities guarantees that each interaction is employed to enhance the customer’s profile on the dealership website with information regarding the customer’s purchasing actions, which in turn makes it possible to target customers with even greater precision.

Peter Fong, who is the Chief Commercial Officer of Orbee, emphasised the importance of the integration. Fong made the following statement: “We are able to serve dealerships and brands that are looking for a more exceptional experience with the best of both worlds by integrating Anaphora’s advanced email distribution and segmentation capabilities with their creative prowess in developing OEM brand compatible assets.”

According to Marat Pashkevich, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Anaphora, “The integration with Orbee enables us to communicate our creative brand designs to our target demographic with the highest possible precision and relevancy.” This is a manifestation of the tremendous levels of passion that we have for the merger.

Optimising the overall effectiveness of email marketing in the automotive retail sector is the goal of the collaborative effort between Orbee and Anaphora. Email marketing should continue to be relevant in this industry if it is personalised, delivered at the appropriate time, and captivating. Through this integration, dealerships have the opportunity to take advantage of a holistic solution that integrates data-driven targeting, efficient distribution, creative design, and compliance.

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