A future science fiction world that is bursting with infinite survival-genre imagination is recreated with a surreal picture quality of 120 frames per second.

Pixelworks, Inc., a leading developer of visual processing solutions, has announced that the most recent update of the mobile game Earth: Revival, which has won multiple awards, incorporates Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator Software Development Kit (SDK) to greatly improve the visual quality of mobile gaming. Players are immersed in a more genuine and vivid future science fiction world when the Rendering Accelerator Software Development Kit (SDK) is used in conjunction with a Pixelworks visual processor. This SDK acts as a bridge to deliver an amazing 120 frames per second (fps) visual experience on mobile devices while consuming a low amount of power.

At the beginning of the 22nd century, Earth: Revival takes place. When confronted with the rampage of extraterrestrial monsters, the futuristic city collapses into ruins, bringing production to a halt and resulting in an energy crisis as well as ecological destruction. As individuals who have survived this tragedy, players are tasked with the responsibility of acquiring survival materials in order to guarantee their personal safety. 

In the context of Earth: Revival, the key to producing a genuinely immersive experience begins with a well-crafted virtual environment and plot. This is followed by the visual depiction of survival experiences and fighting sequences, which makes the experience feel as though it is taking place in the actual world. The transmission of graphics with a high frame rate that are constantly fluid and clear over an extended length of time is required in order to achieve the appropriate level of realism, which includes providing players with a sense of presence over the game. 

Pixelworks worked closely with Earth: Revival’s technical team to address high-frame rate mobile gaming performance issues. The IRX Rendering Acceleration Software Development Kit (SDK) in Earth: Revival creates a visual processing channel between the game engine and the mobile device’s rendering acceleration processor. This relieves the GPU of rendering pressure and delivers consistent, high-quality visuals to the display. 

“Earth: Revival dreams of an immersive and tangible future world that is imbued with science fiction,” stated William, the Producer of Earth: Revival. “It wants to be more than just a fun game for its players,” he said. The innovative future world will be brought to life on mobile devices in a more authentic manner thanks to our collaboration with Pixelworks on this game, which we are thrilled to announce. In order to provide players with a more fluid and consistent visual experience on mobile devices, we will continue to improve the overall gaming experience while also ensuring that the graphics of the game are of the highest of quality.

According to Jun Fang, Senior Marketing Director of Pixelworks, “Earth: Revival is a sci-fi survival game that embodies the production team’s great admiration and thoughtfulness for science fiction.” This manifests itself in the structuring of the worldview, as well as in the creation of the storyline and visual scenes. Pixelworks is something that we think will be able to assist game development teams in better delivering their inventive and innovative content on smartphones to a large audience of mobile gamers. 

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