Enterprise sales is a big moment for not only companies but also for the sales team. It single handedly brings profit that is equivalent to one or more years of working with small-scale firms. 

Enterprise sales can be considered as the biggest fish in the B2B pond. The sales times are lengthy that involve many decision makers. It’s just like gambling your luck. If you put in all your efforts and the deal is converted, then you can surely consider it as a reward for you and your company.

This blog will take you on the journey of building a full-proof SaaS enterprise sales strategy from scratch.  Firstly, make sure that your eyes and ears are open. 

SMarketing for building enterprise sales

Marketing efforts help in showcasing your products and services. These steer the customers throughout their journey. All the necessary information is shared in order to keep the prospective accounts updated. Along these lines, the sales team must regularly communicate with enterprises to gather feedback. This will help in shaping a new strategy (if and when required).  

Sales funnel challenges for enterprise sales

Top Section of funnel

Not having Qualified Leads

In the initial stage, the inbound leads are very less when compared with outbound leads. From cold calls to referrals, the sales team tries every trick to connect with potential customers. As sales team contact in bulk. This results in quantity of leads and lacks quality. Due to this reason, outbound leads do not attract attention like inbound leads.

Not prioritizing leads

It is truly said that ‘time is money’. Once the sales team collects a number of potential leads at the top of the funnel, they start looking out for those accounts with which quick money can be made. They lack the ability to filter out those accounts which will have a positive impact in the long run. 

Middle Section of funnel

If your sales team is unclear about the topic for communicating with prospects, it can hamper the growth made so far. Also, not being a good listener is a bad sign. IF your sales team representatives do not ask questions about your clients’ issues, then there is a slight possibility that these clients will walk back. 

If a client knows that they are ready to buy but are waiting for your sales team to understand those signals. This means that they are clear about their problems but they expect your team to guide them through the process. 

If your teams are not capable of storytelling like ‘walk the talk’, then it is time to put in more efforts. 

Other problems 

Not getting time to communicate with decision makers. Oftentimes, CXOs are busy and you cannot arrange a meeting with them. You must have experienced this before. These decision makers’ time is largely divided between internal and external growth-based work. 

Schedule alignment is the biggest hurdle when it comes to connecting with main decision makers. You have to be clear and concise while talking about services. You have to highlight the benefits and profitability even in tight schedules. 

Many sales representatives have failed to justify their product or the pricing. It has been a problem in the B2B industry for a very long time. This puts the negotiating power in the buyer’s favor. 

It is clear from above points that these problems came down to single issue- data. Enterprise sales require the proper use of data at the right place and at the right time. 

Understand your prospective accounts

Making a profile of your ideal customer will surely help you in connecting properly with the next set of clients. Speaking around your clients’ needs, wants and desires surely puts everything in your favor. Intent dta can also be used to target the right set of audience. 

Prospecting tools

What a way to churn out the right data about your target audience. Using tools to research about prospects reduces your researching time. These data intelligence tools save a lot of time and money. This way all the energy can be channeled towards contacting ideal customers. 

Using technology will surely prove to be fruitful for your business in the offing. This way, you can build a good reputation in the market. Not only this, you will be able to build a strong relationship with enterprise clients by completing enterprise sales. 

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