Digital-First Qualitative Solutions, In-Report Consumer Voice, and Instant Survey Responses Are Among the New Capabilities.

Numerator, a data and technology company serving the market research industry, has announced an expanded suite of survey capabilities fueled by a $40M+ investment into its Survey business, following the company’s $100M Data Wave investment over three years. The new survey capabilities include a quicker detection of complex buyers, fraud-resistant response patterns, same-day response times, and a new AskWhy feature that automatically asks respondents questions based on comprehensive consumer profiles chosen from its consumer insights reports.

Respondents to Numerator Surveys come from Numerator’s Survey Panel, which consists of over 500,000 monthly active consumers who provide verified purchasing behavior. 

This enables brands and researchers to select survey respondents based on their behavior, as opposed to recall or asserted behavior. As a result the Numerator Survey Panel leverages the cumulative outcome of the Numerator panel, the majority of the respondents are highly engrossed in sharing their behavioral and attitudinal data, yielding high-quality survey data sets whilst also reducing the probability of fraudulent responses, which is an ongoing and significant issue in current era market research and surveys.

Millions of dollars are invested by brands depending on what consumers do and why, Numerator is the only company capable of integrating these two perspectives. Over multiple years, investments of $40 million have been made to pave the way for faster response times that brands can rely on. Numerator has a method that has been proven to help brands connect with real people, at a time when industry concern over the quality of survey responses is on the rise, according to Eric Belcher, CEO of Numerator. 

Included in the numerator investments in survey data and technology are:

The Numerator Survey Panel now offers more than 500,000 monthly active users who can be comprehensively qualified based on authenticated purchase behavior and detailed demographic and psychographic profiles.

More qualified responses and engagement

Numerator respondents submit verified data, resolving response quality issues plaguing the market research industry 

Numerator has expanded its digital-first qualitative capabilities, known as NuQual, with the addition of three new offerings.

  • NuQual Media

Through the addition of consumer photo and video submissions, NuQual Media gives quantitative studies a qualitative dimension.

  • NuQual Pulse

 Manages interactions directly with consumers in Numerator’s app in order to comprehend consumer motivations, delivering results twice as fast as industry norms.

  • NuQual Custom

Facilitates virtual in-depth interviews and focus groups to communicate with consumers on a deeper level and in real-time.

Numerator Instant Surveys, a do-it-yourself solution for brands and retailers to obtain instant responses directly from consumers, now offers responses within hours.

This new survey capability enables users to launch surveys directly from Numerator Insights reports and is currently available in beta. Bob Fawson has been hired as Numerator’s first Survey General Manager to oversee strategic growth through client partnerships, the development of new methodologies, and the specialization of insights delivery. Fawson stated that the seamless incorporation of Numerator’s rich behavioral data into our Survey products will aid in providing the most precise, thorough, and timely data to help brands grow.

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