Human Resources Technology refers to the software and hardware technologies that are used for automating human resources management in businesses. It uses digitized automation to perform tasks such as employee payroll and compensation, performance management, and other associated tasks required for organizational administration and similar productivity-related functions. It also provides a framework for employees to maintain a sense of community and supports the administrative leaders to manage teams and improve employee experience and maintain and nurture a healthy company environment. HR Tech services, thereby, remove the burden from the administrators and organizers by taking on the role of a co-pilot that assists the tasks of the company’s HR. Therefore, as it is, the current work culture depends heavily on HR Tech for its survival and functionality.

However, the Covid-19 crisis has brought abrupt and massive changes in the HR tech industry. On the one hand, it has transpired unanticipated disturbances in the smooth running and the CAGR of almost all businesses. On the other hand, it has also brought a sudden incentive for digitization of the work environment. In recent years, the HR market has had to integrate recruitment software with further, and more, intelligent algorithms that are based on AI and ML for cogency.

This digital transformation of the hiring process and human capital management is likely to continue as a disruptor post the coronavirus crises. Human resource software and services and its branches are expected to gain massive traction in the near future due to the forced changes brought along to cater to the needs of the workforce. Companies are now shifting to more sophisticated and reliable analytics dashboards to study productivity and their employees.

Simultaneously, Oracle has brought forth further enhancements in emerging technologies across Oracle Cloud, that not only include AI and ML but also Blockchain, IoT, and human interfaces. Oracle’s chatbot functionality, i.e., Oracle Digital Assistant is continuing to undergo further advancements for the aid and support of their customers. This DA provides personalized support to the employee, where the employees can leverage a singular comprehensive DA that can be trained to support domain skills from multiple applications such as HR, ERP, CRM, and CX. Likewise, the newly launched Oracle Blockchain is now expanding its services to encompass newer business applications built on its own blockchain development platform to aid new use cases. This includes track and trace for supply chain and logistics and so on.

In a world that rewards innovation and sinks those who stagnate, the HR Tech industry has had to grow exponentially over the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic had initially brought major concerns in this field as it had for almost every field. However, today, the very same companies are now learning to grow and change their approach to meet the pace of the current demands of businesses worldwide.

Human resource tech is booming, owing to the fact that human resource management is likewise progressing and evolving. It is no longer just traditional people management; with the advent of technology and a slew of new concepts, it has evolved into HR Tech.

With the integration of HR technology, hiring, recruiting, talent management, learning and development, and all other aspects of human resource management have been completely revolutionized. Human resource management, too, has shifted to a technology-based approach. This demonstrates the broad and beneficial nature of HR technology.

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