An artificial intelligence marketing automation platform called Milagro, which helps restaurants get new customers and keep the ones they already have, has improved its Restaurant Operating System by integrating ChatGPT technology in order to make the system more user-friendly for the company’s patrons. The proprietary restaurant software developed by Milagro collects data that can be put to use, enabling business owners to make the most of their clients’ information through the use of targeted messages and so generating a direct increase in revenue.

Hamed Mazrouei, the CEO of Milagro, provided a detailed explanation of how the AI analytics and predefined templates will enable restaurant owners to simply see sales by location, analyze top-selling goods, and monitor personnel performance without having to run any bespoke reports. Users are able to “ask questions” of the system in order to obtain the important facts that they require at that particular time. The capacity to precisely estimate sales and labor requirements is one area in which artificial intelligence will be of particular benefit to those who own and operate restaurants.

Hamed Mazrouei, CEO of Milagro, mentioned that the incredible thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it is always learning- 24/7. As they continue to train new categories and add data, AI gets better at correlating data. According to one of the experts, they are actually watching the realization of a business owner’s ambitions and the integration of the capabilities of AI taking place far sooner than they expected it to take place. The entire restaurant business as we know it will undergo significant transformations within the next year. The AI will predict sales, and plan labor accordingly, based on year-over-year sales, holidays, employee performance history, and even the weather! All forecasting will be 100% correct, and this will allow for exceptional efficiency.

Artificial intelligence will have the ability to derive inferences from a variety of data points, whereas humans are unable to do so. It is not uncommon for teams responsible for sales and marketing to lack the required personnel in order to properly communicate with customers. Artificial intelligence will first construct a customized message for the consumer, which will incorporate the customer’s input, and then it will offer the customer a personalized incentive in an effort to generate a positive relationship with the customer.

 AI will intercept communication from a customer who had a terrible experience with the company, compose a personalized message that includes that customer’s feedback, and then offer it. Furthermore, the AI will be able to correlate client behavior and offer discounts based on the preferences of each individual customer to drive measurable sales.

Mazrouei pointed out that having decision-making data at your fingertips helps with not only increasing efficiency, but it will also help lower costs. He mentioned that they have every reason to assume that this is a watershed moment for restaurant owners. Those who take use of the technology will see an increase in their profits, as well as an opportunity to set themselves apart from competitors and cultivate a truly devoted customer base.

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