BNB Chain and Xterio, a leading Web3 gaming publisher, are pleased to announce a partnership for the development of a gaming-centric L2 chain that will utilise BNB as a gas token and contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem’s infrastructure. Furthermore, AltLayer is contributing to the endeavour by offering indispensable technical proficiency.

This partnership serves to strengthen the strategic alliance between Xterio and BNB, while also creating opportunities to leverage the extensive capabilities of the BNB ecosystem. It facilitates the joint provision of immersive gaming experiences, enhanced by digital ownership and augmented with AI, to millions of BNB users by Xterio and BNB Chain. BNB Chain will further furnish Xterio with essential marketing assistance through collaborative campaigns and referral programmes from end-users.

Xterio is a leader in the Web3 gaming ecosystem, providing distribution expertise and development capabilities that are second to none. With a network of more than 45 gaming partners and five AAA titles, Xterio has amassed a user base of over two million worldwide. With a global user base of billions of gamers, Xterio, an organisation co-founded by industry veterans Michael Tong and Jeremy Horn, is dedicated to integrating Web3 technology into the gaming industry.

AltLayer will administer and process the Xterio chain. It will function as a Layer 2 settlement on the BNB Chain, employing EigenDA as the Data Availability (DA) layer and the OP Stack as the rollup framework. By utilising the $XTER token, the rollup will prioritise Web3 and AI-powered games in an effort to construct an on-chain ecosystem centred on AAA games.

Xterio’s chain will enable access to a dynamic gaming environment, allow players to collect, own, and trade digital assets securely and easily, and allow developers to mint, distribute, and manage millions of assets. Additionally, other Xterio titles will incorporate the chain.

The blockchain uses account abstracted wallets, seamless off-chain and on-chain systems, cheap transactions, one-click purchases, a versatile payment marketplace and launchpad, and other features to make on-chain components virtually invisible in conjunction with the Xterio technology platform. Petrol fees and purchases on the Xterio marketplace and NFT launchpad will be processed in Xterio tokens, facilitating transactions and assuring a convenient user experience.

Anticipating the future, the Xterio chain will extend an invitation to game developers in search of an advanced yet intuitive solution to supply electricity to their creations. By utilising the Xterio chain, developers will gain entry to the most comprehensive collection of first-party games in Web3 and can leverage its swiftly expanding user base of over 2 million. Equipped with state-of-the-art functionalities and the assurance of seamless integration, the Xterio chain is poised to propel the gaming industry forward.

The integration of Xterio’s revolutionary OPRollUp technology with BNB Chain signifies an achievement of the highest calibre, featuring scalable transaction volumes and enhanced security provided by EigenLayer’s inventive restaking functionality. We eagerly anticipate expanding our collaboration with Xterio and their gaming partners.

Xterio CEO Michael Tong mentioned that Xterio is firm in its aim to develop a strong position within the BNB Chain ecosystem and emerge as the dominant global chain and platform. This sets the benchmark for on-chain gaming.

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