Industry-changing audience targeting and measurement are made possible through a new partnership, all without the need for cookies or people-based identity solutions.

Nano Interactive, an industry champion in ID-free targeting solutions, and Circana, the preeminent authority on consumer behaviour, have formed a strategic alliance. The collaboration will empower Nano to enhance its identity-free Intent Personas by integrating Circana ProScore data with advanced modelling methodologies. This will facilitate the identification of potential opportunities in a manner that protects privacy.

Nano’s capacity to provide advertising solutions devoid of identifiers by leveraging real-time consumer journey data, in-depth contextual analysis, and machine learning technology forms the foundation of the partnership. By leveraging Circana’s industry-leading Point of Sale (PoS) data, which analyses in-store sales information to identify shopper profiles that are likely to make a purchase, this collaboration provides CPG advertisers with a higher level of targeting accuracy, enhanced privacy, and a streamlined, more efficient campaign execution process.

Gordon Eldrett, UK Media Director at Circana, highlighted the CPG industry’s challenges with media fragmentation, disparate data sources, and the need for transparency and accurate measurement. He noted that their collaboration with Nano grants them access to their ProScore data, enhancing their ID-free targeting with audience intent insights. This enables advertisers to effectively target likely buyers, exemplifying the potential of their  partnership.

Matthew Beck, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Nano Interactive, emphasized the timing of this partnership as the industry seeks cookie-free alternatives for audience targeting and measurement. Nano and Circana tested their collaborative approach with Heineken to boost consumer awareness, market penetration, and enhance Cruzcampo’s perception in the UK. Their joint effort was shortlisted for the ‘Best Use of Data’ at the 2024 Campaign Tech Awards, demonstrating its capacity to provide Heineken with unique insights, effective ID-free targeting, and solid campaign metrics.

Nano leveraged ProScores insights on geographic sales propensity, distribution, market share, and category trends to enhance strategic decisions. This data was aligned with insights from Nano’s ‘food and drink’ category and ‘alcohol drinker’ intent persona to target UK regions likely to generate sales for the Cruzcampo brand. The campaign utilized these insights to achieve key brand metrics improvements, including a 50% increase in positive sentiment among ad-recalling individuals, most of whom viewed the brand favorably.

Glynn stated, “Using Circana’s pre-planning data, we focused on beer consumption opportunities and enhanced brand awareness with Nano’s Intent Personas. We also gauged the targeting’s effectiveness in driving incremental sales and ROI through Circana’s sales measurement tool.” The synergy of data from Nano and Circana delivered impressive results, especially as Cruzcampo navigates its first year in the UK market, paving the way for future campaigns.

The campaign’s ROI exceeded benchmarks, validating the media investment’s profitability. The Cruzcampo pilot showcases how strategic partnerships can enhance campaign outcomes through precise brand impact measurement.

As advertisers navigate increasing consumer privacy concerns and declining attention, measuring performance in a brand-safe, privacy-first way becomes crucial. Nano Interactive excels in ID-free targeting, conducting over two thousand successful campaigns since 2014. Its AI-driven platform enhances ad performance using next-generation contextual targeting and live intent signals, ensuring relevance and privacy.

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