Pixelworks, Inc., a leading provider of visual processing solutions, has partnered with Revelation, a premier game IP developed by the Thunderfire Business Group, a game studio of NetEase Games, to enhance the display quality of the mobile version of the game. The Revelation Mobile incorporates Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK to substantially improve the visual fidelity of mobile gaming. Coupled with a Pixelworks X7 visual processor, the Rendering Accelerator functions as a conduit to deliver an exceptional 120fps visual experience on mobile devices with low power consumption, allowing mobile gamers to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.

NetEase Games has created Revelation Mobile as its premier mobile game. The game constructs a 3D fantasy world centered on an oriental fantasy theme in which characters can ascend to the heavens and descend to the depths of the oceans. It accurately recreates the immense and gorgeous Cloud Song Continent. From the limitless cloudscapes to the enchanting underwater scenes, the game’s visuals are stunning and captivating, meticulously constructed to bring the world to life. Rich colors, together with impressive lighting effects, make the Cloud Song Continent, a domain where diverse human landscapes intertwine with natural beauty, even more vivid and vibrant. Players accompany their characters on a journey of development, where navigating vast expanses of distant skies and deep oceans enables them to embrace an innate sense of freedom while also enduring the difficulties of pioneering exploration and gaining unique life experiences through obstructing strategies and gaming maneuvers.

As an open-world 3D action role-playing game, the visual effects depicting the skill discharges of the game’s characters during combat are exquisite and magnificent. To maximize mobile gamers’ immersion in the visual aesthetics and allow them to appreciate a high-quality, ultra-smooth visual experience, it is crucial to have a high frame rate and efficient power management. The production team of NetEase’s Revelation Mobile engaged in extensive technical collaboration with Pixelworks in order to surmount the frequently encountered limitations and challenges associated with high frame rate gaming on mobile devices and to further improve the image quality of the game. This included the integration of Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK in order to accomplish comprehensive visual optimization for mobile gaming – from production to display –enabling the stable display of 120fps game visuals on Android smartphones while consuming little battery. Consequently, players can enjoy a more immersive gaming experience in the immensely vivid and 3D world of Revelation Mobile.

The image quality of mobile games has always been a top priority for developers, as breathtaking game visuals and consistently high frame rates are required to capture the attention of players. Optimizing image quality necessitates innovations in a number of areas, including graphic design and production, rendering precision, energy consumption, and smartphone battery life. This partnership with Pixelworks has provided us with a new practical solution for enhancing the efficacy and image quality of mobile gaming. 

“We express our gratitude to the production team of Revelation Mobile for acknowledging the significance of Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK.” According to Jun Fang, the Senior Marketing Director at Pixelworks. Mobile gamers unanimously appreciate Revelation Mobile for its stunning landscape presentation and creative gameplay, calling it one of the best high-definition mobile games.

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