Announcing its most recent features, which are powered by generative artificial intelligence, Mentimeter, the world’s premier engagement platform. As a result of the introduction of the “AI Menti Builder,” users are now able to simply accelerate the process of building draft interactive presentations, also known as “Mentis,” by following straightforward suggestions. 

Through the utilisation of this feature, users are able to transform their ideas, agendas, and outlines into live polls, quizzes, and conversation starters in a matter of seconds, which further enhances their efficiency and productivity.

The AI Menti Builder stands as the latest innovation in the interactive platform sector, marking a significant advancement for Mentimeter. With this tool, users have the capability to swiftly create customized drafts tailored specifically to their unique needs and goals with just a simple prompt. This remarkable functionality is powered by the advanced capabilities of generative artificial intelligence.

The process begins when the AI, utilizing Mentimeter’s extensive repository of best practices for orchestrating effective meetings and educational sessions, analyzes the user’s intentions. From this analysis, the AI constructs a presentation meticulously designed to meet the specific purposes of the intended session. This rapid, intelligent synthesis allows the AI to deliver a draft of a Menti, perfectly suited for editing, in just a few seconds.

This draft can be adapted for a diverse array of session types, whether the user is planning a workshop, quiz, seminar, poll, retrospective, or any other interactive session. 

In essence, the AI Menti Builder does more than just streamline the creation process of interactive presentations. It provides a user-friendly, efficient, and highly personalized tool that adapts dynamically to the varied demands of its users. This development not only simplifies the preparation for diverse types of sessions but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the interactive experiences that can be curated via Mentimeter.

They possess the capability to convert customary presentations, meetings, and lectures into captivating encounters through the utilisation of Mentimeter, an established engagement platform. Mentimeter is employed by the majority of the world’s preeminent institutions and 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Mentimeter promotes active engagement during in-person or remote classes or meetings through the implementation of interactive polls, comments, and reactions. This converts individuals who are passive viewers into active contributors.

A significant proportion of our clientele has expressed that they often lack the necessary time to convert traditional, unidirectional presentations into interactive sessions that foster participation. Users are now able to request that the AI Menti Builder generate interactive queries on their behalf; a Menti draft will be returned to them promptly for refinement. Users are no longer required to generate slides without any prior preparation. Niklas Ingvar, co-founder of Mentimeter, asserts that this novel feature not only facilitates time efficiency for users but also empowers them to focus on delivering impactful information and captivating their audience in an effective manner. This ultimately guarantees that they possess the capability to enter and preside over their classes and meetings with greater efficacy.

By integrating Mentimeter’s knowledge of optimal methodologies for facilitating on Open AI’s infrastructure, the AI Menti Builder is a complimentary application accessible to all Mentimeter users. This exemplifies Mentimeter’s commitment to empowering individuals to optimise their potential as facilitators, instructors, and leaders.

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